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Phibious, brand agency for Coca-Cola, Google in Vietnam is looking for Planning Executive/ Digital Associate Creative Director/ Senior Strategy Executive and more positions.
About Phibious Vietnam:

Somewhere under the rainbow is where you’ll find us… in Ho Chi Minh City, where we opened our doors in November 2009 with just over 20 people and have now grown to almost 60 people.

Phibious is just one of those rare finds… you know like when you’re walking down the street and find the best ‘Banh Mi’ (Vietnamese sandwich) lady tucked away in an alley. Although, it’s tucked away, her ‘Banh Mi’ is packed with amazing flavor appreciated by loyal, like-minded customers who are in the know.

Well, at Phibious, with specialists across disciplines such as brand consulting, communications & content, relationship marketing, digital & platform marketing, design, media and connections planning, drop by our office and let’s have a chat about how our partnership can help drive your business. And if you’re hungry, we’ll have plenty of ‘Banh Mi’ to feed you.

Hear from Mr. Christopher Catchpole, ECD of Phibious shared with AiiM’s students:
[Process] There will be 3 steps:
Step 1: for applicants, please email your CV to AiiM through: career@aiim.edu.vn
Step 2: AiiM will feedback on your CV and you may want to revise CV.
Step 3: AiiM will send your CV to the employer, and the employer will contact directly with you.
– All CV must be in PDF
– Title of your CV: abbreviation, capital title_company name_full name
– Exp: Nguyen Van Truong applies for Account Executive at AiiM –> AE_AiiM_NguyenVanTruong


1. Planning Executive


Job summary: Responsible to execute the development of strategic digital advertising and performance marketing program for clients. The role is expected to develop innovative and impactful digital and performance marketing solutions that achieves the required and set metrics / goals for success. This position works closely with, and reports directly to, the Digital Planning Lead and is expected to present to the client. The role is expected to provide end-to-end management and analysis.

•    Uncover and understand client objectives, challenges and needs as it pertains to digital.
•    Develops unique strategies and builds upon current client strategies within the digital arena to meet/exceed objectives.
•    Proactively keeps abreast of assigned clients’ marketing and media plans, and provides technological solutions including rich media, site optimization, promotional ideas, mobile, social networks, viral, etc.
•    Writes communications briefs, ensuring that creative and media are effectively integrated.
•    Seek publisher sponsorship opportunities that will amplify the creative ideas.
•    Responsible for proposal development, digital media plans, and the actual client presentation alongside the account manager.
•    Collaborate with all department heads on proposal development and planning so that recommendations are fully integrated.
•    Communicate effectively and present to clients and agency counterparts.
•    Negotiate media with digital publishers.
•    Working closely with Performance Marketing Team as well as Account and Project Management Team in order to ensure all clients are served with the best condition as per scope of works with them.

Skills/Qualifications/Experience Requirements: 

  • Bachelor’s degree (preferably in Marketing, Communications and/or Advertising)
  • 2+ years working experience in digital marketing, sales and/or advertising
  • Excellent understanding and familiarity with interactive marketing
  • Experience in managerial role and agency preferred
  • Strong leadership skills and presentation skills
  • Team management skills
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills

2. Senior Strategy Executive


Job summary: The Analytics – Senior strategy executive is accountable for leading the design, development and implementation of analytics driven strategies and solutions focused on data consumption. This role partner with planning and performance marketing team across the organization to implement solutions to drive business performance and turn insight into actions.  The Analytics – senior strategy executive report direct to Performance Marketing Lead.


  • Lead the design, development and implementation of relevant, comprehensive and leading edge analytical solutions that deliver timely and accurate information of decision-making.
  • Understand the key function of each digital channels in order to create tools such as macro file to easy the workload for team.
  • Assist the Digital Planning Lead in the planning and Performance Marketing Lead in execution of analytics initiatives.
  • Coordinate with Performance marketing team to create best case studies in data mining, measurement methodologies and usage of multivariate statistical tool.
  • Provide actionable insights from advanced analytical and quantitative skills including data mining and modeling.
  • Translate marketing metric’s performance into actionable strategic recommendations.
  • Create and monetize reports such as specific report for each digital channels/ campaigns running and provide needed data and report for digital team when required.

Skills/Qualifications/Experience Requirements: 

  • At least 1-3 years experience in digital marketing field.
  • Vast knowledge about digital marketing, especially paid channels.
  • Strong background in analytical visualizations and building executive dashboards.
  • Comfortable using tools such as SAS, SQL, Python for statistical model development and data mining.
  • Comfort with complex data analyses.
  • Keen problem solver with strong motivation to impact positive results.
  • Strong teamwork skills.

3. Digital Account Manager


Job Summary: This position requires a team-oriented, collaborative people to keep the projects on time, on budget, on quality and on strategy. The account manager will responsible for coordinating with clients in order to make sure all in and out deliverables will be delivered on time and please client needs. They also need to build up strong relationship with clients for the future works onwards. Digital Account Manager works closely, and reports directly to Digital Business Director.


  • Managing a portfolio of accounts of Digital department ;
  • Dealing with all aspects of an digital advertising campaign.
  • Using an existing network of suppliers in case of outsourcing to complete the project.
  • Leading project management activity.
  • Ensuring necessary actions are undertaken by the account team.
  • Researching new business leads and able to pitch for new business.
  • Maintaining and building relationships with existing clients.
  • Completing administrative work, as required.
  • Working closely with Performance Marketing Team as well as Planning and Project Management Team in order to ensure all clients are served with the best condition as per scope of works with them.

Skills/Qualifications/Experience Requirements: 

  • Must have 2+ years working experience in Online Marketing, Website Management, Website Technicalities , Social Media.
  • +2 years of solid digital account management.
  • Strong experience working across a number of digital channels.
  • Experience of specifying websites and content briefs would be an advantage.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills in Vietnamese & English and the ability to thrill Clients.
  • Good knowledge of Microsoft Office (Excel, Power Point, Word etc.)
  • Strong problem solving skills.
  • Understanding of deadlines, budget management and deliverables.
  • Working understanding of interactive technologies and interactive media formats.
  • Excellent client service skills.
  • Demonstrable strategic thinking skills.
  • Ability to manage multiple project initiatives and to work collectively with an off-site team of resources.
  • Proven client and team management expertise.
  • Ability to move from analysis to concept and persuasively introduce new ideas.
  • Excellent understanding and familiarity with interactive marketing.
  • Proven track record of successfully managing and growing Client relationships.
  • Major Agency and/or Client experience.

4. Digital Project Manager


Job Summary: The Digital project manager will responsible for managing all projects with client internally in order to make sure we capture all client needs/requirements and translate them into actions successfully. This position reports direct to Digital Business Director.


  • Understand the objectives – the approved plans and the requirements from clients and manage it well.
  • Draft, budget, and craft Scopes of work, schedule, cost estimation and project/engagement documentation.
  • Collaborate with Account manager to maintain the workflow between team and client.
  • Steward schedules and planning that resoundingly support success for everyone you interact with.
  • Interface with Performance marketing team in caring for the overall health of assigned clients.
  • Assess client needs quickly and team challenges proactively to create and enable effective solution quickly.
  • Manage the production process with teams and clients and the tracking deadline.
  • Work closely with Analytic team to keep track on all campaign performances in order to make sure it can be run in the most efficiency way.
  • Be involved in projects from brainstorm to delivery.
  • Stay current on the latest technology and digital tends.

Skills/Qualifications/Experience Requirements: 

  • At least 2-4 years’ experience in digital marketing field.
  • Experience in agency preferred.
  • Vast understanding of digital disciplines (creative, technology, user experience, strategy…).
  • Must be highly detail-oriented and experienced in running to a project schedule.
  • Understanding of deadlines, budget management and deliverables.
  • Working understand of interactive technologies and interactive media formats.
  • Ability to manage multiple projects initiatives and to work collectively with an off-site team of resources.
  • Strong teamwork skills.
  • Strong communication skills in both English and Vietnamese.

5. Digital Associate Creative Director


Job Summary: The Digital Creative Director would provide creative thinking and innovation for all digital projects. This position is able to distill concepts into digital executions, and invent brand expressions that are unique and brand – defining. This role reports to the Executive Creative Director.


  • Represents digital creative strategy to all digital clients.
  • Provide digital insights, ideas and perspective in all client meetings and lead clients to solutions to daily concerns.
  • Expands a client’s brand identity in the digital space including overseeing design development for websites, email blasts and digital media.
  • Collaborates and communicates with the Executive Creative Director, and all other Creative Directors, to maintain consistency across all media.
  • Effectively communicates digital creative concepts and solutions to internal partners.
  • Acts as the communication link between the Design and Digital teams, and funnels creative strategies between teams.
  • Works with the Digital team (designers, developers, Digital Producers) to concept and buill digital solutions for clients, and ensure all ideas can be executed technically, within budget and time frame.
  • Manages, coaches and motivates digital creative team.

Skills/Qualifications/Experience Requirements: 

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Design or a related subject, or the equivalent work experience.
  • 6+ years of experience producing interactive / digital creative solutions.
  • Expertise in traditional design disciplines such as, typography, sketching, grids, imager and color.
  • Comprehensive understanding of industry tools for developing screen, animation, brand, and illustration and application design.
  • Understands digital disciplines, technologies and best practices in usability, information architecture.
  • Strong knowledge of digital media channels and digital advertising requirements.
  • Experience with email marketing and social media platforms.
  • Knowledge / experience with client side technologies (e.g. HTHL5/CSS/JavaScript / Flash etc.).

6. Business Director


Job Summary: Business Director shall be responsible for developing effective and creative integrated marketing communications and content solutions for clients, ensuring that the execution of marketing and communications platforms are of highest quality thereby building growth in terms of billings, revenue and profit contribution for the company.  He/she will be responsible for driving the business locally as well as regionally out of the Vietnam office.

Contribute to the formulation of annual budgets, monthly billing and revenue forecasts, company’s overall business strategy and development of skills amongst team members.


1. Staff

  • Provide close guidance and to impart knowledge to digital team members to deliver high standard of strategic proposals.
  • Training and development of personnel to optimize potential
  • Identify staff’s strengths, weaknesses, and needs.
  • Guidance on management of Clients, Agencies, partners and team members.
  • Maintain high team spirit, harmony and team work.

2. Operations

  • Participates in all major meetings with Clients, Agencies, partners, and internal meetings.
  • Holds regular discussions on business updates with digital team members.
  • Initiates brainstorming and tissue sessions with internal staff, Agencies and Clients.
  • Provides strategic directions in resolving issues with Clients, Agencies and team members.
  • Identify and recommend appropriate work process and systems to improve quality of work.
  • Recommends realignment of accounts and personnel whenever necessary.
  • Recommends appropriate tools requirements.
  • Ensure all proposals are of highest quality and meets brief objectives.
  • Ensure and encourage the usage of research data and creative solutions in all team’s proposals.
  • Review current market environment regularly and make adjustments to business and strategic plans to respond to changes.
  • Consolidate billings and revenue forecasts on monthly basis and respond to rectify shortfalls.
  • Monitor and manage the profitability of accounts.
  • Liaise with regional / local counterparts on business opportunities or issues.
  • Undertake business pitches and projects whenever the need arises.

3. Clients

  • Actively involve and participate in the key Clients accounts.
  • Understanding the Clients needs and their brands’ marketing components.
  • Apply and implement appropriate marketing solutions to satisfy the Clients’ strategic marketing needs and objectives.
  • Build strong business relationship/partnership with Clients/Agencies.
  • Regular visits to meet Clients – according to Client Service Plan.

4. Organic Growth

  • Working closely with the Managing Director to constantly identify opportunities for new business and cross-selling opportunities for the client.
  • Institute appropriate strategies to approach and convert on organic growth opportunities with the client.

5. Integration – Agency Partners / Production Partners

  • Build a strong business relationship and partnership.
  • Build effective toolkits and checking systems that ensures partners implement in-line with creative and strategic goals so as to elevate our role as a lead integration agency.
  • Keep client and agency abreast of the latest happenings in the marketing scene especially with regards to developments in the category.

6. Regional Account Leadership

  • Provide leadership for regional (Centre of Excellence) team for the Client, providing holistic and effective integrated communications and content across the markets.

7. Decision Making Authority

  • Accountable for the quality of marketing communications proposals.
  • Discuss appropriate Clients’ rates and fees to the Managing Director.
  • Assignment of any new job to team members.
  • Changes to headcount/salaries/staff benefits (in consultation with the Managing Director).

8. Relationship

  • Internal: Work closely and amicably with own and other departments and affiliates to develop a harmonious working environment.
  • External: Instill mutual respect and collaboration for internal team/Clients/agency partners/production partners.

Skills/Qualifications/Experience Requirements: 

  • Bachelor Degree in Digital Marketing, Advertising, or Communications – Master Degree is preferable but not required.
  • Skills & Knowledge: Digital Marketing, Branding, Advertising, Integrated Marketing, Finance, Creativity, E-commerce.
  • Minimum of 6+ years’ experience in digital marketing related experience – required.
  • Digital marketing combined with traditional advertising experience – required.
  • Strong analytical and selling capabilities – required.
  • Ability to write and present clearly and concisely – required.
  • Passionate, Positive, People-oriented.

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